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Saturday, 6 May 2017

How to get Google AdSense approval for website

Google AdSense approval for blog or website in just 11 steps.

Google AdSense is the best method/choice for monetize you website because I think Google AdSense is genuine and best advertising platform.
It's a dream of every blogger to monetize website with Google AdSense but some of bloggers not get approval easily so my website help for those bloggers . Here I am write 11 important tips for approval of  Google AdSense for website or blog.

1.Your age must be 18+ 
If you want to or get to Google AdSense approval so your age must be 18+ because according to Google AdSense policy if you want to monetize your website your age must be 18+

2. Do not copy or paste of content from another website
Google AdSense don't get approval when you copy or paste content from another website because this violates Google AdSense policy

3. Don't use Google search images in website 
If you use Google images so please go back and delete or remove Google images from your website because according to Google AdSense policy this violates AdSense policy.

4. apply for Google AdSense when your domain must be 6 months old.
Because in some countries (like India ,China) according to Google AdSense policy you get approval only when your domain must be 6 months old. should not contain any adult content like porn,crime etc if your website contain adult content so go back and remove these things fastly 

6.your website should not contain any copyright images or videos like Google search images or other YouTube videos

7.before applying for Google AdSense please write 15-20 articles

8.Make your website easily usable and navigation bars.
9.Make important pages like contact me/us , disclaimer,privacy policy 
This point plays very important roll on approval of Google AdSense .

10.Make professional emails I mean use only domain webmail.
Just for example . If your domain is
So your webmail is like this [email protected]

11.please add about author page on website With clean photo much traffic don't play important role on approval of Google AdSense. So please focus on only 1-11 points and get AdSense approval 

Congratulations for approval of your website in advance

If you get approval so please tell us.... 

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