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Monday, 29 May 2017

Monetize your site with AdSense

Monetize your site with AdSense 

Google AdSense is the largest and genuine ad network platform . Many of blogger want monetize website with Google AdSense but approval of Google AdSense for website is bit difficult because according to Google AdSense policy if  your website completely friendly for AdSense so approval get fast but it takes some time .
Check tips and tricks for how to  get approval of Google AdSense for website
How to get Google AdSense approval for website tips and tricks

In this article I wrote only how to apply for Google AdSense (sign up for Google AdSense)

Step 1. Just go to GOOGLE CHROME

Step 2. Search Google AdSense on chrome

Step 3. Click on this link

Step 4. Sign in from your GMAIL ACCOUNT

Step 5.  Write WEBSITE name in the box and choose language

Step 6. Choose country and time zone properly

Step 7. choose account type ( individual or business)

Step 8.write name and address on box
Please write correct address because on this address your GOOGLE ADSENSE PIN comes after 10 $ money in your AdSense account.

This is the shortest method for MONETIZE YOUR SITE with GOOGLE ADSENSE.

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